We have already had a great response to our digital scratch nights and so now and when we eventually meet irl, we will give more poets and performers the chance to show their work and receive feedback and support. Anyone who performs at a Wiflen night will also be added to our exclusive support network filled with a diverse bag of people ready to encourage you in your journey. Wilflen will not just be a producing theatre, it will be a resource for development and learning....Read More 

In 2021 you will be able to see Lauren's 'HIM' and Liam's 'Mixed Signals' along with various interim events, such as poetry nights. Check out our calendar to be in the loop.

We're keen to get in touch with fellow theatremakers, performers, education boards and more to spread our message and to make the theatre a better place, so reach out to have a chat.

What is Wilflen Theatre?

Founded by one woman's passion, and two friends dreams, Wilflen is a Theatre Company ready to bring you something new.

One thing we can always guarantee you is a laugh.

Wilflen Theatre is built on strong moral and fundamental values, but above all else, we believe in the power of humour.

All of our plays are either comedies or tragi-comedies. Through both academic investigation and personal experience, we know that comedy can often be the key to digesting life's weird and wonderful moments and we're keen to spread the message.

We may just be starting out, but we have big dreams (cliché I know) and we hope you'll join us as we grow. We won't just be producing plays, or holding poetry events, we'll be hosting Scratch Nights too, so whether you want to be entertained or network and grow, we've got something.

Our People

Lauren Williams - Founder

and Co-Artistic Director

Born in Shropshire, Lauren first started performing at the age of 11. With both Shakespearean and contemporary credits, Lauren has a varied range. Credits include The Comedy of Errors, Midsummer Nights Dream, Shrapnel, Fame and more.

Lauren has had an invested passion in theatre through her life, both performing and producing and has always dreamt of founding a theatre company.


After graduating from The School of Arts Northampton with BA Honors in Acting, Lauren founded Wilflen Theatre.

Lauren is trained to an intermediate level in Stage Combat with the APC and will be continuing to an advanced level in the near future. In the near future Wilflen Theatre will be debuting Lauren’s next play ‘HIM’ written by Lauren and directed by Liam

Liam Xavier - Co-Artistic Director


Born in Essex, Liam has spent more time writing than acting, having started at the age of 8. Writing poetry, short stories and plays, Liam has been honing his style for 16 years now. Similarly to Lauren, Liam also began performing at the age of 11, joining local theatre company MACYouth Theatre where he stayed for around 5 years.

As a writer, Liam has been featured in and written for magazines such as Thought CatalogUnwritten The MightyThe Hippo Collective and more. Last year, Liam also published his first poetry collection 'Whispers to the World'. (https://amzn.to/2GNodWJ)

As an actor, he has played stage roles across comedy and drama, starring in adaptations of The Tales of Ovid, Sherlock Holmes, Animal Farm, Cast Spell and various student films.

In the near future, Wilflen Theatre will be debuting Liam’s next play ‘Mixed Signals’ written by Liam and directed by Lauren.

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