Who Are We?

To understand Wilflen, we feel like you should understand the context of how Wiflen came to be.

April 1st 1995 - Liam was born in Chelmsford, Essex.

August 6th 1996 - Lauren was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Both Lauren and Liam grew up with a huge obsession for theatre and spent much of their adolescence in the local theatre scenes. Liam had a passion for very challenging and dramatic contemporary roles, and Lauren often opted for the intensity and complexity of Shakespearean performances. 


Despite Liam spending more time as a writer and filmmaker, and Lauren more as an actor and director, when they eventually met they found they had far more in common than paper might suggest.

So somehow both move from Shropshire and Essex respectively and end up becoming friends with the same guy. One evening, as Liam goes to meet his old friend, Lauren is introduced and they become friends almost immediately. Several phone calls and meetups later, while at Laurens discussing a script, the two realise they have an identical passion for theatre and officially turn Wilflen Theatre into a combined effort.

Having gone through similar situations, and holding many of the same morals, Liam and Lauren are keen to bring their love for laughter and social awareness to stages in London (and beyond). Already having experience in teaching and mentoring, the two also plan to translate that experience into engaging and insightful workshops.

They endeavour to explore the dark and difficult with a meticulous combination of humour and sensitivity. This often leads to pieces of work presented in as much a digestible manner as possible, so that a wider group of people can be made aware of the discussion, without sacrificing the seriousness of the subject. Their goal is not to plead sympathy, but rather to invite understanding.

Wilflen Theatre was born on ambition and chance encounter, and it plans to grow as if it was always meant to be. It intends to draw strong influence from life experiences to impact each audience with subtle, but powerful messages. Liam tends to write more on mental health and his biraciality, often with a focus on the powerful nature of the dialogue between just two people. Lauren enjoys writing about groups of people (friends, families, colleagues etc) and likes to explore the themes of close bonds, love and verbal abuse. If you're intrigued how the two tackle such subjects with humour (and sensitively) keep  up to date on social and updates on the Wilflen Theatre Blog