The creative industries can be very lonely. 

We don't get as much support as we might like and some people *cough cough* think we're financially unviable. 

We know we're worth a hell of a lot and we also know we need to preserve our people as much as we need to preserve our industry.

In a bid to help and to expand on our original dream of creating an ever-growing community of writers, performers and creatives in general, we're continuing our scratch nights.

Our Scratch Nights allow you to come prepared with a poem, a song or something creative to perform to then get feedback and encouragement from a friendly bunch of creatives. Anyone who performs is then invited into an exclusive support network made up of a diverse bag of people intent on telling their story.

Creativity shouldn't always be about competition. It should be about community and so as we build our own and invite you along, we also want to help us inspire others. 

During tough and uncertain times, it is the people ready to listen to you that make all the difference.

Join our community and find out when our next event is.

(Currently over Zoom of course, but we will be having many drinks and snacks in person when we can!)

"As someone from a decidedly uncreative working environment, Wilflen is an oasis. That it is pushing forward during the pandemic makes it even more important as a creative outlet, a safe space for me to listen and share, get constructive feedback and just plain old banter. This is exactly what you want from a creative group, and why joining Wilflen should be a no-brainer!" - Dr Duranka Perera, self-proclaimed 'extremely amateur ornithological artist.'