Coming In 2021 (Hopefully):

'HIM' & 'Mixed Signals'




HIM is an exploration into just how much someone will accept and believe in order to be in love. It explores just how much people will lose of themselves when obsessed with the idea of love.

We follow Stephanie through a battle that she chooses to fight against her greater judgement and how this affects the lives of those around her. Is it ‘HIM’ that she needs or does she simply need to love herself?

With sweet and endearing scenes to relatable and far too common everyday dilemmas. Watch as a 23 year old delves into her own experiences to bring Stephanie’s world to life on stage...



Mixed Signals is a semi-autobiographical investigation into the biracial experience on the stage. It also explores complications arising from sensitive subjects such as indirect racism and abuse-related trauma.

Mixed Signals draws its style and core story from Liam’s @uniessex MA dissertation research into the odd and scattered appearance of biracial characters in literature and theatre and what it means to the creation of new theatre.

With both dark and light subjects mentioned, this play delves into the world of a twenty-something who realises, as he begins to write a play about his life, that much of his memories are exaggerated or kinder than the truth.

Mixed Signals

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